me about girls: wow!! wow

more and more people ask me what i’m doing after high school and i tell them i’m moving to denver and it keeps getting more and more real, i’m MOVING TO DENVER i’m so excited, i’m going to live in denver????? holy sh i t

Hi! This is in reference to your pronoun post. If it's okay for me to ask, how come you use zae/zem/zaer instead of they/them/their if they work the same? (If this comes off as rude or ignorant I'm so so sorry I really don't mean it to be that way)

it’s just what i prefer online! they/them makes me feel like more than one person or a third party,idk


im living in a pale blog today was so foggy


when you like new thing


when you find friends who like new thing 



(i’m just going to make this post as reference to link in my sidebar and faq)

i am agender

my pronouns are zae/zem/zaer  - zae is pronounced like “zay”, zem sounds the same as it’s spelled, and zaer rhymes with “bear”

so think in they/them/their dynamics - 

zae -“zae are going to the park” or “zae are only five foot four which sucks” or “zae aren’t going to do any american history homework this weekend”

zem - “anna’s parents are going to take internet privileges away from zem because of that failing american history grade”

zaer (this is the possessive pronoun!)- “sherlock is zaer favourite show” or “anna is failing zaer american history class because zae don’t do any of zaer homework”

…………………i need to go do my american history homework